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Do you work in the hospitality industry and would you like to know more about the Hygiene Code for the Hotel and Catering Industry? Use this e-learning course to understand how to deal with the Hygiene Code for the Hotel and Catering Industry in practice. A hygiene code is a detailed plan, especially intended for a specific sector. This code describes how the various work processes that take place in the hospitality industry can be carried out in a (controlled and) safe manner. For a number of processes, you even need to be able to demonstrate that you have these processes under control. These are the critical processes (CCP). This e-learning course gives you all the tools you need to carry out your work. In terms of content, but also pragmatic and to-the-point! Obtain your certificate and show that you know how to apply the law in practice.

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  • ​Our friend Hector is there for you! Hector is the host and guide of this course and will guide you through all the chapters of the Hygiene Code for the Hotel and Catering Industry, including all the critical processes. After completing this course and the exam, you will fully understand the specific legislation and how you should deal with it in practice. All-in-one: Content-related, clear and colourful!
  • Additional crucial documents will be made available for you to also be able to use these in practice afterwards, such as cleaning and registration lists!
  • You are going to learn a lot! And you will see, food safety is also fun! We will guide you through the Hygiene Code for the Hotel and Catering Industry. You will also learn why our legislation is so important. At the same time, this course excels with its many tips and advice for practice.
  • The course takes about 3 hours and you will off course receive a great certificate after successful completion!
  • Please check the frequently asked questions for our cancellation policy.
  • Do you want to register more than 5 students at the same time? Please then ask Hector to register you via hector@sensz.nl
  • Any questions? Please consult our frequently asked questions or contact us.
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